OData REST services

SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, NuoDB, SQL CE, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Just specify a connection string
and consume your database in any OData client
like Microsoft Excel via HTTP

Configuring ODataDB

ODataDB is an ASP.NET application.
You may use IIS or IIS Express.

The setup package includes a preconfigured IIS Express instance. So just start a batch file to run the service.

To create an OData service for your database, just specify a connection string in the Web.config file.

ODataDB uses database metadata and connected user permissions to create service and metadata documents, and to support CRUD operations via REST.

It is a cool feature as you just develop and administer your database while ODataDB does the rest.

OData Service URLs

The service root URL has the following format:

<IIS root>/odatadb.svc/<OData protocol version>/<Connection string name>/default/

For example, the OData 4.0 metadata document of the NorthwindCE database has the URL:


For example, the customer table has the URL:


This URL is used to select, insert, update, and delete customers via GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods accordingly.

ODataDB shows only operations which the connected user has permissions.

OData Clients

You may use any client that supports OData or create a new one via C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, or any other language.

You may load OData data in the most of the modern analytic tools.

For example, you may load OData data into Microsoft Excel.

The ODataDB package includes the simple JavaScript client that allows you to test URLs.

ODataDB and SaveToDB

SaveToDB Add-In for Microsoft Excel allows using Microsoft Excel as a feature-rich client for your databases and OData services.

You may easily connect to OData services and change queries using the ribbon.

You may edit data in Excel and save changes.

You may create views in Excel.

You may do much more.

Moreover, you may do this over Internet, without a direct connection to a database.

It is a fantastic tool!


There are a lot of platforms and tools to create OData services. The most of them require developing OData services.

ODataDB allows creating OData services with zero development time.
It uses metadata, users, and permissions from a database. It is a killer feature.

You may start using ODataDB for free. You may use it for free for five users.

And when you are ready for scale up your project, just purchase a license.


5 users20 users200 usersUnlimited
The first copy, per serverFree$499$1,995$4,995
Additional licences, per serverFree$49$199$499
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