ODataDB allows creating OData 4.0 services and edit data online
Version: 3.1 | 02/28/2020 | 5.7MB | Getting Started | What's New | Online Samples
SaveToDB Add-In for Microsoft Excel
The add-in allows using Microsoft Excel as a database data editor or as a customizable database client
Version: 9.7 | 05/05/2020 | 28.2MB | Getting Started | What's New | Editions
DBEdit allows editing data in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and other major databases
Version: 1.5 | 05/05/2020 | 11.6MB | Getting Started | What's New | Editions

Why download SaveToDB and DBEdit with ODataDB

All the products allow viewing and editing database data.

Moreover, they use the same server-side SaveToDB Framework used to configure application features.

So, if you configured features for ODataDB, you may easily switch to Microsoft Excel or the desktop application.

Also, you may connect to OData services using the Gartle Web Data provider with SaveToDB add-in.

Note all the products have free versions targeted to database developers.