ODataDB supports the following authentication methods:

  • Basic authentication.
  • Windows authentication.

The basic authentication is used by default.

Follow Internet Information Server instructions to turn on Windows authentication.

Basic Authentication

In this mode, ODataDB requires a username and a password.

Then ODataDB changes database connection string to the actual username and password and tries to connect to a database.

If the connection is successful, ODataDB performs the required action.

Otherwise, ODataDB returns the HTTP error 401 "Unauthorized".

Windows Authentication

In this mode, ODataDB impersonates the active user and makes a request to a database using the connection string specified in the web.config file as is.

Be sure that you specify the connection string with the integrated security.

If a user has no permissions to connect to a database, ODataDB returns the HTTP error 401 "Unauthorized",
and the user may specify a username and a password to connect to the database with another name.

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