Using ODataDB

Using ODataDB

Quick Steps

To quickly test using OData, you have to complete the following two steps:

  1. Install Internet Information Server (IIS) or Internet Information Server Express.
  2. Install the ODataDB application to run under IIS.

These steps are described in the following topic:

ODataDB includes the preconfigured Northwind example database with an empty password.

So, you may try the following URLs after completing the steps:

  • http://localhost:40440/odatadb.svc/v4/NorthwindCE/default/
  • http://localhost:40440/odatadb.svc/v4/NorthwindCE/default/$metadata
  • http://localhost:40440/odatadb.svc/v4/NorthwindCE/default/Customers

You may connect to your data services using any browser or universal OData client.

For example, you may try the following HTML pages:

  • http://localhost:40440/examples/table.htm
  • http://localhost:40440/examples/table.htm?url=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A40440%2Fodatadb.svc%2Fv4%2FNorthwindCE%2Fdefault%2FCustomers

In the table.htm page you have to specify the URL to get OData service data.

The second URL already includes the URL to get customers.

Note that you may get and edit data in Microsoft Excel with the SaveToDB add-in installed.

Next Steps

After successful initial steps you may:

  1. Configure connections to your databases.
  2. Connect to your databases via Internet or Intranet using OData clients.
  3. Implement applications connected to your databases via OData (using C#, VB, JavaScript, etc.).

Please read these topics first:

You may check currently supported OData features here:

The current ODataDB version supports working with databases tables only.
We plan to implement working with views and stored procedures, and configuring the services on the server side using database objects.

Going into Production

Please contact us if you plan to use ODataDB in the production.

You may read about ODataDB editions and registering the product here:

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