Version History

Version History

Version 1.5, December 20, 2016


  • Updated documentation.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.4, September 28, 2015

New Features:

  • Support of the lambda operators any and all on navigation- and collection-valued properties.
  • Support of /$value on media entities and individual properties.
  • Support of aliases in $filter expressions.

Version 1.3, September 17, 2015

New Features:

  • Support of $select.
  • Support of eq and ne filter operations on properties of entities.
  • Support of additional filter operations.
  • Support of the canonical functions.
  • Support of $filter on expanded entities.
  • Support the /$count segment on navigation and collection properties.

Version 1.2, September 7, 2015

New Features:

  • Metadata includes navigation properties.
  • Support of $expand.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Getting data from Oracle Database.

Version 1.1, August 20, 2015

New Features:

  • Support of server-driven paging.
    Set the page size in the MaxPageSize app setting in web.config.
  • Support of the odata.maxpagesize header.

Version 1.0, August 5, 2015

New Features:

  • CRUD operations for database tables.
  • Support of a minimal set of OData service operations.
  • Support of a service document at the service root.
  • Support of metadata at $metadata.
  • Support of batch requests.
  • Support of $top and $skip.
  • Support of basic and Windows authentication.

Supported OData Versions:

  • 4.0
  • 1.0-3.0

Supported Database Platforms:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Oracle Database
  • IBM DB2
  • MySQL and MariaDB
  • NuoDB
  • PostgreSQL
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